Eastwood fire pit glass is a leading and premier manufacturer for fire glass products in China. We are proud to providing top quality fire glass for both commercial and residential application, and build an excellent reputation all over the world. 
Our fire pit glass products use thermal tempering formula to keep the products stable and strong. Our fire pit glass can undertake temperature and which resist to extreme heat without emitting smoke or ash and will never burn or discolor as well security when used in natural gas fire pit or fireplace.
Compared to other supplier, our fire glass is more cleaner and sparkle, and more shape edge, overall reflection and never tumbled looking. All of our fire glass are thermal  tempering treated that more safe and, it is absolutely new idea and solution for the fireplace, fire pit and the fire tables alternative.
Our high quality fire glass like the Jewel when used for the fireplace, fire pit and the fire tables, and it is never burning and melting, never discoloring and poisonous smelling. Our handcrafting process guarantee the better quality and protect the crystal surface flawless and more reflective quality. We also accept customization and special fabrication and very flexible in ordering.   
 Fire pit glass are suitable for some finest villas, resorts and hotels, party gathering in the worldwide. No matter you want to buy it for quiet conversation or lively party gathering. You can find the amazing and sparkling colors in Eastwood, it will decorative your house or villas in unique.
1)Various colors: Ford green, Ford blue, Caribbean blue, Sapphire, Pink, Copper, Bronze, Goldrush, Blue Grey, Emerald, Mint, Crystal, Midnight black etc.
2)Reflective and non-reflective: Reflective type is a really glitter color. It can make your fireplace or swimming pool surround more gorgeous and colorful specially in the night. This mirrored edge illuminates light as fire dance at top of glass, creating a dazzling effect. For non-reflective type has a very tranquil feel to it. Both styles are very popular among the customers.
3) 1/2” and 1/4” thickness: according to fire pit table area to work out how many kgs or lbs you need.
4) Customized mix color: accept mix color order like mixed blue and white color, when fire is burning, there will be two kinds fire on top of glass. Some clients like it very much specially party gathering.